Future Exhibition

Rear view mirror

13.07.2018 - 21.07.2018

Art Exchange

admission free

Rear View Mirror: Contemporary Chinese Works on Paper

With their vast economic growth and fast paced society, Chinese artists have inevitably found themselves responding to the rapidly changing world around them. Nonetheless, like a driver of a car racing forward, they glance in the rear view mirror to reflect on what they are leaving behind.

This exhibition’s focus on Chinese works on paper inextricably¬† connects the artists with the invention of paper towards the end of the Hang Dynasty (206BC-220AD) and the traditions of brushwork on paper that ensued, learnt by repetition and refined by years of training.

In the last 30 years in particular, China has opened itself up to new influences and Chinese artists working today recognise the possibilities for reflecting on personal experiences and contemporary issues. The artworks on show have a new found energy, as the artists find themselves exploring painting, drawing and printing on to photocopy paper, envelopes, magazine print and cut out paper.

We are able to witness the first generation of Chinese artists growing in confidence as they take the medium of paper steeped in tradition and make it their own.

Curated by Marco Cali, Robert Priseman and Xing Zhang.