Future Exhibition

The Urpflanze (1.1) Melanie Jackson

11.11.2010 - 18.12.2010

Art Exchange

admission free

The Urpflanze (1.1)

Melanie Jackson traces links between the economy, science, aesthetics and plant forms, taking a lead from Goethe’s notionof the Urpflanze – his imaginary plant that contains coiled up within it, the potential to generate all possible future forms.

With giant sculptures of pollens and pumpkins  fashioned from newspaper pulp, sound recordings, graphite drawing, cut-out figures and a film of photographic stills of every plant the artist came into contact over a twelve month period, Jackson’s macroscopic creations are the tactile representations of inner worlds, articulating how botanical morphology enters and affects the imagination.

Part 1.1 is an extension of The Urpflanze 1 commissioned and shown earlier this year at the Drawing Room, London.