Martin Herraiz Composition/Performance – Can you help?

Brazilian composer Martin Herraiz has written a piece of music especially for Send Me a Flower, etc. –Invertible/Subvertible/Pervertible. Herraiz has left both the realisation of the piece and the ‘three melodic instruments’ used to play it to chance, saying ‘depending on the obvious bureaucratics involved in getting any piece of new music performed, the work itself may or may not happen. you may end up with just the recipe, that is, the score, which is of course not the preferred method of fruition for any piece of music, but hopefully it still makes a point about the process’.
Herraiz’s participation in the project also shows the ways that exhibiting a composition (as an artwork?) ‘carries a potentiality for multiple significations that goes far beyond what it would ever be able to transmit as a “concert piece”.

It would be wonderful to try and organise a performance of Herraiz’s piece for the closing party – whether at the University of Essex or virtually (a recording posted to Youtube?). Can anyone help? I would love to hear from you if you think you can. You can email me at

Download: Martin Herraiz Invertible/Subvertible/Pervertible

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