New Geographies

31.05.2018 - 31.05.2020


Art Exchange is proud to announce that we are working with artist Maria Anastassiou as part of the New Geographies project.

New Geographies, is a three-year project which highlights overlooked or unexpected places across the region, redrawing the map of the region with places important to those living here. In response to sites proposed by the public, Maria and nine other artists have been selected to create works that will re-map East Anglia.

Using the ‘Life in the UK’ booklet – essential reading if you are applying for citizenship in the UK  – Maria Anastassiou creates a platform for questioning official narratives by celebrating the lives of immigrants living and working in Tilbury – and by extension, the contribution they make to British society. Set against the transient landscape of the Thames Estuary, which is laden with the traces of ever-shifting industrial, environmental and global narratives, Anastassiou is “building a community around a film” that will be screened at the culmination of this project.


An Arts Council Ambition for Excellence funded project.