Pablo Lugo

04.02.2015 - 21.03.2015

Mexican artist, Pablo Lugo, will be in residence with Art Exchange, responding to the world outside our doorstep.

With a fascination with everyday life around him, Pablo Lugo will intervene in the public spaces around the University of Essex’s Colchester campus. It is here, in the spaces where everyone meets such as the squares, the bars and the communal areas, that his work will make its impact.

Trained in anatomical drawing, Lugo tells us: ” I love drawing, it is the structure of all the arts – and a radical position. I love the simplicity of line and it’s humble nature, where less is more”.

Coming onto campus once a week, to observe campus at the rhythms of its days, watch out for Pablo Lugo’s drawing interventions around campus, in place by the end of term.