Sun Xun

15.01.2009 - 17.02.2009

Chinese artist Sun Xun took up residency at the University Gallery, working on a new artwork that developed day-by-day over a five week period.

Graduating from the National Academy in Hangzhou in 2005, Sun Xun started making animated films during his print-making degree. Through animation, Sun Xun found a medium that allowed him to explore the rapidly changing world around him. One of a few young artists that consciously produces politically engaged art, his art takes the viewer through human landscapes where the personal becomes political.

With little equipment, but an abundance of time, Sun Xun developed a technique of sequential animation: drawing, recording his work, erasing and then drawing again, thereby building up a body of work evolves into his films.

While at the University of Essex, Sun Xun focused on creating a new artwork inspired by George Orwell’s Animal Farm. A context for this work was provided by also showing Sun Xun’s previous films in the University Gallery.

This residency is made possible through funding from of Essex County Council. It is part of the University’s partnership project with firstsite, ‘This is China’ and the Essex-Jiangsu Festival and is supported by University of Essex alumni.