The World’s Long Thoughts by Lawrence Bradby

  The World’s Long Thoughts by Lawrence Bradby   Why are there plants in here? It’s in plants’ nature to be green. And it’s in our nature to regard them with a discerning eye. We are able to distinguish more gradations within the green portion of the visible light spectrum than in any other. Our […]

Photographic Audiences, National Identities, and Ethics: Reflections on Lee Miller’s War by Matthew Bowman

In looking at the photographs taken by Lee Miller during World War Two, one question we might find ourselves asking would concern the intended audience for these images. Working as an official correspondent for Vogue magazine, Miller’s photographs of conflict were situated amongst other images that depicted the latest trends in fashion and it was […]

Chris Dobrowolski explains the ideas behind ‘Vanishing Point’

 The following is Chris Dobrowolski explaining the ideas behind the project: “The project ‘Vanishing Point’ is a collaboration between myself and Leslie Hill, an artist based in San Francisco. Leslie suggested the drive in cinema as a starting point and was very interested in the current trend for guerrilla drive ins that use abandoned spaces […]