The Royals, 2017-18

A collaborative project made with migrant workers in Jersey, the island famous for Jersey Royal potatoes.

The Aliens Act, 2019

Six stories of erasure are shared in this thought-provoking film.

Alicja Rogalska: Other Voices

An online exhibition that brings together five video works by Alicja Rogalska, our artist-in-residence. Alicja Rogalska’s interdisciplinary work focuses on social structures and the political subtext of everyday life. Through the works brought together in this show, she explores issues such as labour, migration and class divides, exposing the reliance of capitalism and its global […]

What If As If, 2017

What If As If explores legal fictions as a device to open up possibilities in international immigration law in collaboration with refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants based in the UK, who trained as lawyers in their countries of origin. Legal fictions are devices used in legal reasoning when something not true is believed or assumed […]

My Friend’s Job, 2017

Pengamen, Jakarta’s street musicians, come from all walks of life and make a living singing Western and Indonesian pop songs. Working in collaboration with Alicja Rogalska they temporarily shifted their focus to political protest singing – taking inspiration from the legacy of Indonesian activist Iwan Fals – to create a new song and video about […]

Tear Dealer, 2014

On a high street lined with pawnshops, second-hand shops and loan sharks in Lublin, south east Poland, ‘Tear Dealer’ opened for a few days in July 2014. In the specially arranged premises, participants produced and sold their tears for €25 for 3ml (just over half a teaspoon). The project constituted a perverse reversal of the logic […]