I Put a Spell on You

Juno Calypso

‘Seaweed Wrap’, 2015. Photograph

‘A Dream in Green’, 2015, Film

Juno Calypso works with photography, film and installation, creating a female universe of solitude, desire and despair. Working alone, Calypso comments on the construction of femininity.

Through her work, Juno creates a universe of solitude, desire and despair – all with an about-to-crack edge. In a honeymoon hotel we find her alone, dressed as her alter ego Joyce. It is as Joyce that she can explore the laboured construct of femininity. Slathering herself in green clay, Calypso performs scenes of preparation and anticipation, acting out rituals of beauty and seduction to an absurd degree. In response to a question about feminism, she retorts if you question is “Can you be a feminist when your camera is aiming at your ass? If so, my answer is yes”. At the end of the film ‘Dream in Green’ Joyce disappears into the bathroom’s mist. The power to decide when to leave is set alongside the power of patriarchal society to silence. Joyce’s haunting gaze leaves us to decide.

Recent exhibitions include ‘The Horror Show,’ Somerset House, London (2022); ‘Role Play’, Prada Foundation, Milan (2021); ‘What to Do with A Million Years’, TJ Boulting, London (2018); ‘Juno Calypso: The Honeymoon’, Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast, Northern Ireland; ‘The BJP IPA Winners’ Show’, TJ Boulting, London (2016).

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