Daisy Blower

Daisy Blower is a queer artist making sex positive, feminist artworks.

She is a set designer and with the inevitable closure of theatres during Covid 19 lockdowns, Daisy began to use her model making skills to make miniature worlds that allow her the space to grapple with the complexity of queer, feminist life including intimacy, queer agency, introspection and bodily remnants.

For this exhibition, Daisy made a new work in which she explores the precariousness of queer spaces and a way of life which often feels under threat. She tells us, “This work illustrates the fleeting moments of calm and self-expression made possible by physical spaces – against the fear of upheaval, collapse and isolation. It celebrates the feelings of being at one with my queerness and sense of self; at home in my body and in my community; feeling safe, seen and heard”.

Daisy Blower lives and works in London. She is a founding member of the award-winning theatre company Bleeding Nora, an associate artist of Pound Arts in Wiltshire and winner of the Les Enfants Terribles Greenwich Theatre Award 2020. She has exhibited her models widely, including Queer Art(ists) Now at Space Station Sixty-Five, London (2022) and Façade at the Holy Art Gallery, London (2022).